Who we need ?

We're looking for caring and passionate teachers who likes to work with young children, balance spontaneity with structure, hugely creative and unpredictable.

Why LocoTeachers ?

LocoTeachers is one of the most diverse companies in Beijing, with more than 80 nationalities working for us. Become a home tutor now and earn from 300 to 400RMB for a 70mn class. We also pay 200RMB for every demo class, what are you waiting for ? Join us. Scan the QR code to find out more.

Who we are

Loco Teacher was established to help students to find great teachers and great teachers to find well paid part time and full time positions with reputable employment. Loco Teacher has become one of the largest and most diverse teacher recruitment agencies in Beijing.

"I had a Full Time job, I was working 35h a week and the few Part Time I could find were far, I was spending hours in the subway everyday. Now with LocoTeachers I only take what is very close to me and I'm making more than my precedent Full Time job with only 10h a week. I can finally spend time learning chinese properly" — Rebecca
"I was tired of my job, I was never lucky in China and got abused many times by some agents on wechat that never pay what they say, at least now with LocoTeachers I can see my salary in real time and withdraw when I want. I started with one group a month ago and now I'm having 3 groups just in my community, it's great and very convenient for me" — Ryan

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